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  Dream Number: #161
Dream Type: Lucid/serene
Date Posted: 1/12/2007

DeeJai Speldrong from remembers this:

i am looking out of a groundfloor window in what could be a future home. Next to me/in my arms/just in front of me is my wife/female companion. We look out to a field in which a white horse frolics. We live in the country. I brush the golden hair from her neck and kiss her behind the ear/on her neck. Beyond are green hills. Suddenly a team of troops arrives in a flying machine similar to the ones in Minority Report, they exit and head into the hills. at no point did the arrival of these troops seem threatening. It was a cause of amazement.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: no dream yet

The woman in your dream is a part of you which want to be acknowledged. Women are always your own emotions and the thinking mind of Self.
To kiss someone is to accept that person - thus that part of Self. She is right in front of you, so I think it means it will happen soon or are happening already.
Golden/blond hair means enlightenment, maybe you will find an answer to something, hair especially symbolizes our mind.
The scenery are calm, peacefull. Green is the colour of growth, and the outside (nature) the 'wider' Self.
I think the troops may symbolize that nothing will interrupt of change this positive situation of growth in your live. Elsabe :-)

(Added: 1/13/2007)


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