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  Dream Number: #158
Dream Type: New Year's/Prince Dream
Date Posted: 1/1/2007

Captain Chimney from remembers this:

i have to qualify this by the fact that i totally don't think about prince much more than the average person and i hadn't really thought about him recently.

just woke up from the craziest dream about prince. starts out, i'm listening to an interview (i guess on the radio). it's not prince but it's an interview about him - like he has someone conduct his interviews for him or something. the question was, "prince is getting pretty old now, i mean he must be getting wrinkly, and he has all those tattoos. does that look weird?" answer: "honey, you'll know it's prince because of where your head is. between his legs!"

ok, cut to me walking down the street, near the back entrance of the theatre where prince is playing. a couple of guys who look like they could be a part of prince's entourage or in the revolution or something (older like they would be today though) are being let in by security. one of them is like "wait a second..." and turns to me abruptly and asks if i want to come to the concert. i'm like "huh?" but decide what the hell. i get back stage and i'm just wandering around. there's a bunch of musicians hanging out. it's laid out like a hallway, but more like a railroad apartment with rooms going into rooms.

i start towards the front. i run into this guy who's working backstage, this gutterpunk dude who i know from santa rosa, but i totally can't remember his name. he used to be hang out downtown at the coffee shop and in courtyard square and stuff. i remember him being a super nice guy and having a bit of a lisp. anyway, i'm like, "hey, your from santa rosa?" and he says no, he's from utah, but he used to live in santa rosa and everyone remembers him from there. i'm like "really?" he leads me into the next room which is a dressing room and there are all these other skinny white guys putting on pink leotards and looking at themselves in the huge mirror on the wall and it becomes apparent i've been recruited to be a "girl" in prince's performance! then i wake up.

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