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  Dream Number: #153
Dream Type: Heart Attack
Date Posted: 12/12/2006

GeminiGirl from Cincy remembers this:

Someone had a dream about me.. a close friend of mine.. she had a dream that I had a heart attack, and all of my friends were there and no one could come in the room but my Inlaws and my husband. They were standing around the bed. They wouldnt let my other girlfriends in or my own parents. She said that my husband said I was fine and they had me hooked up to oxygen. Im confused on if this dream is about me or her. And the fact that my inlaws were the only ones allowed in is strange. But she dates my husbands brother - and I wonder if this dream has something to do with my inlaws being close to me and she wants that too, or what, Im just trying to piece this dream together. She also mentioned that my husbands brother, whom she is dating, was not there, but their other cousin was. Obviously with me being the one who has the heart attack, It made me a little more interested in pursing the meaning.

Responses from the Dreamers

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