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  Dream Number: #152
Dream Type: aggrivating
Date Posted: 12/12/2006

Daja from remembers this:

I keep having dreams about someone. I woke up today and I think I realized who. Theres this guy, Im in love. I don't know why. We've seen eachother only a few times. He has a girlfriend. He is always wanting to spend time with me though! I don't get it! In my dream he was working at a resturant and I was buying food from him. Wierd huh?! I just don't get it. What can all of this mean?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

Hi Daja,

I've heard of dreams similar to yours before. In the other dreams the person ended up representing an invitation from a Divine Lover...the dream showed that God was expressing his love for that person, inviting that person into a more intimate relationship with himself. Your buying the food shows you feeling nourished & fed by that relationship...sounds like a wonderful invitation to me...:)

(Added: 12/14/2006)


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