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  Dream Number: #138
Dream Type: dead pet
Date Posted: 9/30/2006

cheapcake from Daytona Beach remembers this:

Last night I dreamt that I was in the middle of a normal, every day conversation when out of the corner of my eye I spotted my beloved cat, Tina. She was walking toward me but not looking directly at me..same way I always remember her walking and when I questioned my fiance, she disappeared.

Tina just passed away as of July at 16 years old, but I've had very few dreams of her. I'm a big believer in astrocatalepsy(visiting loved ones that have passed on and vice versa) but I don't know if I'm just overracting. I always think she's visiting me when I dream of her.

What do you guys thing?

Replies from the dreamer:

(Added: 9/30/2006)

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: Jeff

Astrocatalepsy is when your sleeping and your soul leaves the body and can go anywhere in the world. Anywhere in the universe for that matter. Even visiting on the other side. It's not just confined to visiting deceased relatives. And yes, It goes both ways. So yes, your cat could be visiting you in your dreams.

(Added: 5/2/2007)
From: A-town

I feel like I am awake but I am laying there paralyzed. I am totally aware of what is going on in the room, but again cannot move a muscle. Sometimes I want to scream because it is a scary feeling to be asleep but awake and want to move but can't. It is horrible and happens to me several times a year.

(Added: 5/2/2007)
From: Jessa

You are experiencing sleep paralysis. A sleep disorder characterized by a distinct feeling of "paralysis" along with sudden feelings of impending doom. What is actually happening is your brain awakening from REM before your body does. Therefor, unable to move your body but able to see the room around you. It occurs most often while laying on your back. If it becomes more severe, try tying a tennis ball around your back with nylons- (to keep you from lying on your back). It works- I have the same problem.

(Added: 5/23/2007)
From: Rebecca

My experience is about the same but I still have questions that have not been answered. I went to take a nap and was laying on my back, All of a sudden I see this old man with white hair and a white lab coat on open my bedroom door and walk right in to me as I was laying there. He took out this small silver rod like thing and with a light at the tip, starting from my feet to my head hovering it over my body. I was panicing at first because I didn't know what was happening to me. I was aware of what was going on I was talking and trying to ask who he was but it was like I was talking inside myself. I couldn't move. After I realized that he wasn't there to hurt me I calmed down and waited to see what else he was going to do. After he waved the rod up my body he had that same rod but it had a spinning head at the tip and he stuck it in my mouth an I could feel the spinning part on the roof of my mouth. Then he took my hands and took the rod and stuck it through both of my hands. After he was done the whole room and everything was quiet and he disappeared. I was crazy! It wasn't a dream, this was happening to me for real. But Istill don't understand it. I tried to figure out what that was all about and why he did what he did to me but I'm still clueless. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appriciated.

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From: abbyazi

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From: abbymbr


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From: abbyakm


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