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  Dream Number: #127
Dream Type: beautiful & set in late 1800's
Date Posted: 7/20/2006

BlueberrieJunglist from Colorado Springs, CO. remembers this:

The dream is supposed to be in like the late 1800's. It starts out with me up in a victorian style house on a balcony with several other women- all of us are dressed in the whole 1800's dresses etc. I'm looking down at the street below, but instead of pavement the 'roads' were all made up of water, coming right up even with the ground on either side, & boats were traveling on it. I knew in the dream that I really was from present times (2006), but no one else knew anything about that. I was then down on the street walking beside the water/street. The water was a very interesting part of the dream, very deep looking & really close to the edge. It was so beautiful & interesting seeing the old fashioned town. (it was as if I'd done time travel) I walked up to a grassy area where others were sitting and sat down on a picnic table next to a man. I started singing "You're mine, and we belong together, for eternity... (a Richie Valens song, -but no one knew that since they were all from 1800's, they thought I was making it up) I finished singing the whole song and then the man leaned over to me and said "Who is the lucky man who your heart sings for? " and I said "Oh, no one." then he started kissing me really messy & passionatly. I must say that this dream was very unusual just in the way it seemed so real, set in the different time period. It was like an experience of time travel for real. I woke up feeling great.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Mr Amphora DMasada

Ms. Blue,
Pleased to make your acquaintance. You are certainly a romantic, as the setting is romaticized, the streets turned to water area pure, and deep, But you need to define what such a viscous pathway represents. You are torn in some way, about how your present circumstances could be reflected, if you lived in a different time and place. It could be better. The grassy area represents the earth, where human interaction is broadened from the circle of women to where you first mention a man. Do you feel a connection to the man in times of old? Might you be linked to him, or someone, from and for eternity? The demure denial of your commitment to another person is intriguing. The giving of yourself to passion though, immediately after denying your heart is committed, suggests you may need to examine the commitments you have made in the here and now, whether those be personal or professional, casual or formal. The formal attire you mentioned suggests the formal commitments are tearing at your heart. Having awakened feeling great may mean you resolved the conflict in the dreamstate, but be wary, and continue to look inside your own heart and mind.

(Added: 8/31/2006)

From: jonelyn

Hi BlueberrieJunglist,

I don't know about the 1800s setting, but whenever I encounter the mysterious "lover" in a dream (mine or others) it usually seems to be awakening awareness of the Divine Lover of our souls, God. I think the dream communicates his passion for you---perhaps with the 1800s setting he is saying that he too is a "hopeless romantic" and that he wants to be your "endless love"...great dream:)

(Added: 12/14/2006)


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