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  Dream Number: #126
Dream Type: Stabbing
Date Posted: 7/12/2006

Xanthe from remembers this:

The guy I've been seeing had a dream last night and he said it felt so real that when he woke up he started crying. He dreamt we were at a pub and we were just about to go. He remembers a friends red bakkie standing outside with the keys in it and the window open. I was waiting in my own car for him to lock up and then I was talking to his best friend. He then came up behind me and stabbed me twice, once on either side of my neck. He remembers me lying on the floor gasping for breath. And I think I died. He remembers that this was the first time that he has seen a dead body before. It really scared him.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

A knife in a dream often represents powerful sharp words that are spoken. It's possible that the dream was given to him to help him see the powerful effect that any harsh words that he's spoken have on you...that they are more harmful than he realizes. It also may be sent to help him see hidden anger (overreacting to certain situations) in himself that needs to be dealt with...

(Added: 7/14/2006)


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