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  Dream Number: #122
Dream Type: dying
Date Posted: 5/29/2006

risk from West Palm Beach remembers this:

My best friend and I were shot last july. He was murdered, I was lucky and miss him so much. 80 percent of my dreams are with him. Most of them are about him being back and I say omg Mikey! I've missed you so much! And he doesn't even look at me in the face. And I say Mikey you were dead this is what happened to you. Or I will say, Mike you are going to die you have to not go here on this day and all times he will react like who cares but not with words he's never spoken to me just that's the feeling I get like he just doesn't know that he's dead or that he's going to die. And he won't listen to me no matter how much I plead and cry to him. I feel so exhausted by these dreams

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