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  Dream Number: #109
Dream Type: Dead pet visit
Date Posted: 3/9/2006

Sunsets from Austin remembers this:

I just lost a very, very beloved companion. My kitty, Way Cool. I had him cremated and keep his little box of ashes beside my bed. He died Dec 7th. after staying alive for 16 years and hanging on because he loved to sleep with me.(I know he did) It was the best part of both our days. The other night I dreamed that he appeared and I was holding him. He was normal weight again (he got really skinny) and was kind of wiggly like cats that don't want you to hold them long. He stayed there for a few minutes and wanted to get down. He left and I don't know how - he just disappeared. I was thinking Oh he got well and he could have gotten well but wait - I had him cremated and now he can't. But then I thought He was old and sick and there really was no getting well for him, he was old and growing toward death, he could not have gotten the way he looked in the dream -younger and healthier.
My boyfriend said Way Cool came to visit me. I don't know maybe he did. The dream stuck with me - well it still does. After my BF said that I thought maybe Way Cool was showing me he was healthy again after he died and I couldn't have done anything more to help him get better but he couldn't stay he had to go back. It was OK I cremated him because he was dead and was not going to get better. What do you think?
This makes me cry as I write. It's been 3 months. Tuesday when it was the 7th I was sad all day and and didn't think about why. That night I realized it was exactly 3 months since he died. Then I cried myself to sleep. Ahhh! I miss my kitty.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: ed

I think your BF is correct.

(Added: 3/31/2006)
From: Adam

I've had similar dreams, where my cat who died years ago came back as if nothing had happened, in my dream i'm not aware that she's supposed to be dead, but when i wake up I realize this. I'm not sure what it means, but it's nice to get a visit from time to time.

(Added: 12/4/2006)
From: mary

My little dog Brigitte died Sept. 12th of this yr.. I had a dream last night she was walking in the kitchen. I could see every thing on her body perfectly. My daughter yelled Mom look there's Brigitte. I said how did she get out of her grave. Brooke said she scratched and there was dirt higher on one side and she crawled out. I sobbed all day about this. Once in 1975 I saw my grandmother who died in 1963 standing by a dresser in my bedroom. My husband said I was dreaming but I told him I could smell her scent. She always smelled like a baby to me. Please email me at mary_in_columbus@yahoo.com

(Added: 9/28/2007)
From: Bijan

I had a dream last night of my dog who I had to put down the Saturday before last. I was in a room with my dad and little brother when I first saw my dog Mona, who had passed away a couple of years ago, sitting quietly on the ground. I'm pretty sure I was aware in the dream that she was in fact a ghost and that she had died so as i knelt down to pet her I began to think about Molly (my other dog who I had put down recently) and she suddenly appreaed in place of Mona. She was very clean and normal weight again. (she gained a lot of weight when she was older because of medicine) She was very happy and I was able to pet her and kiss her. She seemed happy to see me and I immediatly knew that she was ok and happy again. Mona and Molly grew up together and we had Molly for a couple years after Mona died. When we put Molly down, recently, I told her to go be with Mona and be happy. Now I think they're very much together and happy and waiting for us one day.

(Added: 10/23/2007)
From: Kate

My cat, Rambo, died in July of this year. We had him cremated but I moved away to college almost immediately and my mother never picked up the remains. Ever since then, I have been dreaming about him regularly, but the context constantly changes. Sometimes in the dream, I watch him dying again, sometimes I'm seeing him born (which never happened in real life), sometimes he is perfectly healthy and in those dreams, 50% of the time, my other cat has died. Just last night, I dreamt that my cat who is still alive was the one that had died but Rambo was alive and so was my pet rabbit who died over five years ago. And I'm not the only one who is having dreams about Rambo in these contexts. I believe that he is still with me in spirit and that he was a true familiar.

(Added: 10/30/2008)

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