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  Dream Number: #108
Dream Type: Emotions, choices
Date Posted: 2/20/2006

RavenShark from Canada remembers this:

I went on a business sort of trip with this group of people. We seemed to be running some sort of large function, a weekend fair of some sort. Anyways during this weekend, I found myself shopping with a newly made friend. During a trip into one store i decided to try and steal a tank top. It did'nt work and i got caught, i talked a good talk and did'nt really get into to much trouble, but i ended up forgetting my purse there. Next I seemed to be making love to this new found samesex friend of mine. It was very good and i was really enjoying it. At some point she shapeshifted into a very sexy guy. When he released in me, in my dream i could see into the future, I seen that he had just gotten me pregnant with a very fat baby girl. So in the dream i decided to stop before he released in me to prevent that pregnancy. After he fell asleep, i went down into the livingroom of our group rental cottage. And outside the front door was the guy i had been checking out all weekend. My heart jumped and i went to talk to him. I felt that him and i had some sort of magical past together and i was pretty inlove with him. We went back to his place and started to make love. Halfway into it, the guy i had been with earleir that evening barged in and tried to make a claim on me. The men both became animals and started to challenge each other. I stopped them and reminded them that neither could have me as i was already married. The earlier guy, walked out and the other guy(the one i was falling for) Was very hurt and angry at me. I tried to explain to him what was going on, but he did, nt want to hear it. The dream ended there, and i have spent the whole day trying to imagine making love to him, he was beuatiful.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: hypnoidal

hey ravenshark, alot of info in ur dream, it would be interesting to know a bit about u eg job, relations ect becouse my theory of a dream is where the unconcious mind is processing ur thoughts so look forward to hearing from u.

(Added: 3/5/2006)

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