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Tuesday April 8, 2014

"Last Summer" by Brian Reitzell

from Auto Music

"evocation of coasting along California’s freeways, reveling in the blissful sensation of forward motion"

Monday April 7, 2014

"Tokyo Bay Area" by Hiroshi Yoshimura

from Pier & Loft

perfect 1983 ambience

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Friday April 4, 2014

"Turn to Light" by Gonno

from ACDISE #2

waking up to this delicate shoegazey-ness

Thursday April 3, 2014

"Before The Dawn" by Patrice Rushen

from Before The Dawn

this special music has been floating my boat recently

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Wednesday April 2, 2014

"land down under (accappella)" by men at work


here we go - i am counting on someone to bust - go to about 0:16

Tuesday April 1, 2014

"isolatedmix 44" by Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe


"I love how the music can portray special images within each person – no-one the same, it’s impossible. There’s no need for vocals, or lyrics or words, just sound."

Monday March 31, 2014

"Summerdays" by Dreamworld

from On Flight To The Light

a dc classic from yesteryear:

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Saturday March 29, 2014

"Muffin Man" by Leroy Vinnegar

from Glass of Water

electric piano for a rainy day

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Friday March 28, 2014

"collie version" by cedric im brooks & the light of saba

from light of saba

the magical light:

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Wednesday March 26, 2014

"Yaiza" by Vermont

from Vermont

this new album is suiting my anxious mind state :)
jaki from can and and dominik von senger show up here as well

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