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Wednesday May 25, 2016

"Straight Lines" by Benny Sings


baked preset pop from a guy simply called Benny Sings

Tuesday May 24, 2016

"Voice of Nabu (Universal Cave Remix)" by Sorcerer

from Nabu Network

so stoked on this Universal Cave mix. they truly hacked into the Nabu Network and filtered it through the dankest protocols. kindest vinyl release and an honor.

Monday May 23, 2016

"Atuka Mhondoro 808" by Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness

from Atuka Mhondoro 808

fresh bike riding jam - 808 and kalimba cruising

Friday May 20, 2016

"Kids World Mixx" by Sorcerer


i put together the live Kids World mix late in the night after the animals settled into their caves. lots of chimney classics in this early morning at the atari zoo. enjoy your weekend!

Thursday May 19, 2016

"Night Fire Dance" by Andreas Vollenweider

from Night Fire Dance

props to siba k and this glorious mix i fell for. all time classic video as well!

Tuesday May 17, 2016

"Tria Bells" by Len Leise

from Lingua Franca

played this super loud from the studio while we kicked the soccer ball in the backyard over the weekend.

Friday May 13, 2016

"Desert Rain" by TCP

from TCP

TCP pulling some ashra-jazz moves on this baked little burner. Tropical rain washing down on me. Best album cover colors as well. Our boy Basso posted this many moons ago.

Thursday May 12, 2016

"Keys" by Wally Badarou

from Echoes

this is getting lots of plays from me again lately. it's that elusive spacious rainforest sound.

Wednesday May 11, 2016

"Everyday" by The Avalanches

from At Last Alone

watching this b-ball god #30 on mute and listening to some glorious early 2000 jams. this is my time of year.

Tuesday May 10, 2016

"Aeo (Part 1 & 2)" by Brian Briggs

from Brian Damage

i have this jungle book kids world mix spinning in my minds-eye and nothing typifies what i am hearing more perfectly than this stone cold chimney classic. this never gets old for me. shoot me any suggestions or classics that may also be in this kids world mix - the chimney knows.

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Sorcerer Chimney

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"Aeo (Part 1 & 2)" by Brian Briggs

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