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Eric Von Schmidt "Eric von Schmidt and The Cruel Family"
angels shirtless beard iron skillet baked
Added 08/11/2006 by: Jonathan Chimney
Bootsy Collins "Ahh... The Name Is Bootsy Baby!"
Airbrush Shades Bass Guitars Shirtless Flags Clouds Type
Added 08/11/2006 by: Frank Chimney
Hot Chocolate "Every 1's A Winner"
chest chest hair shirtless white suits in control perspective crew kind buds style boots one white dude bald head
Added 08/12/2006 by: Clunk Chimney
Moving "Moving"
shirtless baked moon plastic guys
Added 08/13/2006 by: Clunk Chimney
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five "On The Strength"
Posse style shirtless fly boots crew ghetto fabulous
Added 08/25/2006 by: Babybruce Chimney
trinidade "s/t"
shirtless lens flare
Added 08/27/2006 by: Space Chimney
U.T.F.O. "Skeezer Pleezer"
unintentionally gay shirtless beret medallion jail bait beefcake
Added 08/28/2006 by: Babybruce Chimney
Grand Funk Railroad "Survival"
cavemen shirtless white guy with Afro
Added 08/29/2006 by: Babybruce Chimney
Max Neuhaus "Electronics & Percussion"
Posing With Gear Shirtless Beards Speakers Gongs Concentric Circles
Added 08/30/2006 by: Frank Chimney
Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadjes Band "Kalapchap African Discotheque"
Africa On The Mic Mirror Image Shirtless Collage
Added 03/15/2007 by: Frank Chimney