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The Pentagon "The Pentagon"
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Added 08/02/2007 by: Sorcerer Chimney
Zanov "In Course of Time"
Computer Print out Canvas Colorful Arrow Graphics Geometric Doodles on Notepad Les disques Solaris
Added 05/10/2008 by: Zeroy Chimney
League of Nations "Music for the New Depression"
Red and White Minimal Graphics Laurel Wreathe 84 Minimal Wave Glaze Records
Added 07/18/2008 by: Zeroy Chimney
Chin Chin "Toot D'Amore (Prins Thomas Remixes)"
Colorful Geometric Graphics Nu Disco Remix Dialect
Added 09/07/2008 by: Zeroy Chimney
Martin and Finley "Dazzle \'em with Footwork"
70s Style Bellbottoms and Platform shoes KungFu Mojo Over the Top Graphics Faux Beatles Motown
Added 11/08/2008 by: Zeroy Chimney
Edward Artemyev "Warmth Of Earth"
Earth Galaxies Sun Explosion Apple Beautiful Graphics Prog Rock Electronics Melodiya 1985
Added 09/26/2011 by: Merlin Chimney
JĂșlio Pereira "Braguesa"
Rad Dude Grid Loner Beard Graphics Broguesa
Added 10/10/2017 by: Ryan Chimney
Jean Schultheis "Portrait Robot"
Rad Dude Shades Graphics Goatee Gradient
Added 01/29/2018 by: Ryan Chimney