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Richard Schneider Jr. "Fata Morgana"
Sand Dunes Levitating Guitar Ghost Guitar Blue Sky Reaching Man White Shirt 1980 Haircut
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Walter Rizzati "L'Argent Du Ministre"
Black Î’riefcase Money Guy Who Runs Soundtrack Funk Soul Beat Records 1980
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Chili "Hot Chili"
Radio Chili Peppers Jazz Rock Black Label 1980
Added 11/09/2011 by: Diagilev Chimney
Soul Media "Memory Lane"
Funk 1980 sky bodies
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Terry Riley "Shri Camel"
Govinda on the Keyboards Cosmic Orbs Colfax Avant Garde Minimalist Electronics CBS Masterworks 1980
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Henry-Skoff Torgue "Le Prince Apetride"
Paisley Silk Butterflies White Faced Manikin Silk Headgear Cosmic Minimalism Spalax Music 1980
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Dynasty "Adventures in the land of music"
human notes disco 1980
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Various Krauts "Picture Music Instrumental - Vol. III"
Clowns Cross Exotic Bird One Black Dude Cosmic Noodles Sky Records 1980
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Watson Beasley "Watson Beasley"
synth pop disco kind buds rad dudes colored 1980
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Rhythm Devils "The Apocalypse Now Sessions"
percussive dark Mickey Hart Airto Moreira skeletons 1980
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