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The Cosmic Twins "The Waterbearers"
kind buds astral sky cosmic Strata East independent jazz 1974
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String Driven Thing "Please Mind Your Head"
tennis court two doll guys Island prog folk 1974
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Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra & M. Efekt "Nova Synteza 2"
giant mandolin microphone Prague eye in the ground jazz rock prog Pandon label 1974 Radim Hladik
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Orchestr Josefa "Variace"
Apple headphones supraphon Czechoslovakia Classical Jazz 1974
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Armin Rusch "Electric Dreams"
Library synth on the console 1974
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Yoninbayashi "Ishoku-Sokuhatsu"
Three_toed Sloth Smokin' Pipe Terrapin Red Eyes Prog Rock Tam 1974
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Biglietto Per L'Inferno "Biglietto Per L'Inferno"
Opening a can of Man Leaping Italian Psychedelic Baffo Banfi Trident 1974
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Papoose "Les amants outangs "moi Tarzan et toi Jane""
rad dudes France 1974 psychedelic rock
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Sound Experience "Don't Fight the Feeling"
band play the blues sound ear 1974
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Zygoat "Zygoat"
Goatman Apocalyptic Landscape Fetus in the Moon Synth Music Polydor 1974
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