"Favorite wise old man mentor character..."

Choice Votes %
Gandalf - Lord of the Rings209%
Yoda - Empire Strikes Back3516%
Mr. Miyagi - The Karate Kid2411%
Dumbledore - Harry Potter126%
Mickey Goldmill - Rocky105%
Obi Wan Kinobe - Star Wars2512%
Willie Brown - Crossroads21%
Uncle Jesse - Dukes of Hazzard52%
Morpheus - the Matrix94%
torbin ulrich42%
Pai Mei - Kill Bill V. 242%
"Master" - Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon21%
David Wooderson - Dazed & Confused105%
Sam Seed - Drunken Master42%
uncle traveling matt - fraggle rock73%
Lee Sklar73%
that one dude in the Arrested Development videos63%
Master Po - Kung Fu42%
meaning of life00%
my grandpa42%
Miles Davis73%
my uncle henry42%
my uncle johnny21%
How about the Ninja Turtles one???10%

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Scott Chimney
Definitely Lee Sklar. Just saw him heavily featured in a Phil Collins video!

  Posted: November 29, 2007 (6:11 AM)

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