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  Dream Number: #92
Dream Type: Lucid and Insane
Date Posted: 2/2/2006

Vladomir Chimney from remembers this:

So in the dream I was quasi dating this girl who used to be a lesbian. She was cute, but she had a lot of guy-ish qualities about the way she acted and thought and expressed herself, and i pretty much thought of her as a dude, so i was all confused and slightly weirded out about bringing her to church with me, because we were flirting in church and for some reason i was wondering if dating a lesbian who was dude-like made me quasi-gay. (i really liked her in the dream though)

so after church we went to this play where it was a bunch of girls all portraying the same character at different points in her life, and there were lots of dance and musical numbers, and for some reason it related to the virgin mary altho it was set in the late 1800s for the most part (it bounced around every once in a while). At one point my maybe-gay date and I got up and started yelling at the actors, and the scene had to be re-done.

anyway, the final actress turned out to be my friend Andrea (who I haven't seen in five years) with blonde hair, and it became clear that this wasnt quite a play, it was actually an elaborate showpiece that was part of her sister cindy's wedding, a wedding for which she had flown some really expensive dress out from like minnesota or something.

then the play ended and the wedding left, but i knew about four or five of the actresses in the show and my date knew this guy who was Andrea's best friend. So I was talking to girls who I used to have crushes on, while my date was talking to her friend. At one point I overheard her ask the friend (who had dark curly hair) about his girlfriend, to which he replied "We broke up. Then I realized I was gay, and I met this really cute boy in Utah and I am so happy!"

There was also some famous black guy with short dreds there (i think it was the lead singer from bloc party) and Andrea was afraid he would judge her poorly for playing Bob Marley's Legend on vinyl (for some reason her record player had a remote with only two buttons that was connected to the player with a cord)

Then Andrea told me she was going to some private art school in LA, and her golden retriever had run out the front door the other day and exploded in the front yard. we were just about to make plans to get lunch and I woke up.

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Responses from Guests

From: Dream Judge

your dream is very intersting. i never heard of a dog blowing up in a dream. on a scale of 1-10 i'd give it a 7 or 8. :)

(Added: 2/13/2006)

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