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  Dream Number: #86
Dream Type: bad dream
Date Posted: 1/19/2006

sad but true from remembers this:

me and my wife were renting two different apartments, in a city with lots for connections complexes. we met up with two other aquantese and invided them over for a movie...
Our aquantises went a head and we r to me them @ the apartment, that we do not use very offten. We get lost in these complexes,while walking. this counter person scannes my finger and tells me we have to move our car, so we go and move the car we allmost get stuck in snow while drive out of the lot, then as we r exiting the lot a voice said my name^$%^i looked and there was a intercom i replied yes ok we will try so my car folds up so i can carrie the car along with us. As we r tried and climbing the staires my wallet falls out of my poket and drops two flights down these two guys offer to pick it up and i gladdly said yes and the 1guy drops down and picks it up and runs away i give chace and down a few block's there he was I confronted him, and two other guys jumped me and cut my face with a razor badly. buy then i look up and my wife said she has bin raped i ran after the one guy that cut me,I ran afterhim to his house where he cut his own throwt ,his dad opened he son's cut even wider where he die's on the ground

Responses from the Dreamers

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