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  Dream Number: #81
Dream Type: Scary!!
Date Posted: 1/17/2006

Toreshi from remembers this:

I was in my apartment. My boyfriend had gone out somewhere, I don't know where. I was wearing just a
t-shirt and my underwear, which is usual sleepwear for me. I was going into the bedroom to,
uh...pleasure myself. >.> I lay down on the bed and was about to lift up the shirt when I noticed
someone at the kitchen window, across from my bedroom door. This creepy guy in a blue-and-black
version of Freddy Krueger's outfit was mowing the lawn outside and he kept walking back and forth
across the window, looking in at me. I went up to the window and knocked to get his attention, and
when he looked at me I gave him the finger and mouthed "F*** You!". I tried to close the shades
then, but they wouldn't close right. The individual shades kept shooting in random directions so
that there were gaping holes that could be seen through. I eventually gave up and left it that way.

The next thing I knew, the creepy guy was in the house. He was coming at me, and I think he was
trying to rape me. I kicked him and punched him, and screamed, and eventually I grabbed a knife and
just started stabbing the living hell out of him. He almost seemed superhuman or something. He just
wouldn't go down, no matter how many times I stabbed him. I don't remember what I did exactly, but
eventually he did collapse. He said something that I don't remember, and then I stabbed him one last
time in the head, killing him.

The dream shifted suddenly. I was still in my apartment, but I was fully clothed and my mom and aunt
were there. They were helping me clean up the place, and I was telling them about how the guy had
attacked me. I was telling the story really calmly, as though it hadn't been anything at all, and my
mom and aunt didn't seem at all fazed by the story.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: Dream Judge

hmmm... never heard that before. you go girl! yah! >:)

(Added: 2/13/2006)

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