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  Dream Number: #80
Dream Type: Nightmarish, but Sexy
Date Posted: 1/17/2006

Toreshi from remembers this:

My dream was like watching a horror movie, although not a lot of it was really scary to me.

The first part I remember is going on a school trip to a pool. I got there before I realized that I
didn't have my bathing suit, and for some reason this really freaked me out. I was watching other
people swim in this tiny pool that was only about a foot deep, and I was really disturbed for some
reason. I remember a creepy old janitor guy telling me some story about a kid drowing there exactly
so-many years to that day.

I remember leaving the pool and wanting my dad to bring me to get my bathing suit, but things got a
little fuzzy here. Things are blurry and I don't remember much. I DO remember someone had all my
game controllers (like, for my X-box and what-not) and was dragging them by the cords along a paved
road. The someone was a relative, though I can't remember who, and I was so thoroughly angered by
this that I completely flipped out on them, grabbed the controllers, and took off. The last thing I
remember about this part was my dad scolding me for yelling.

The next thing I remember I was in this huge creepy mansion on a cold, stormy night. I was looking
out the front window and I could see a jewelery store across the road that was being robbed. I ran
across in the rain and peered in the window to see that the theif was TJ. TJ was one of my friends
in highschool who I met through my ex-boyfriend. We don't speak anymore because he lives away. In
the dream he was much hunkier and sexier then I remember him in real life. Anyway, as he was running
around the store stealing things, I tried to crack the lock on the door. I remember thinking, "This
is a stupid thing to do, this is what get's people killed in horror movies. He is totally going to
kill me." and as I was doing this, people kept walking by saying things like, "No one's worked there
for years, deary." They didn't seem to notice TJ.

Eventually TJ came bursting through the front door and finally noticed me. I grabbed him by the arm
and pulled him across the road to the backyard of the mansion and told him he could hide with me. He
looked at me very sexy and asked, "Do you want to...?" and I said "YES" and tackled him and we
started making out right there in the rain. I remember thinking to myself "Yeah! This'll REALLY get
back at Frank" (my ex-boyfriend who ripped my heart apart and totally toyed with me, cheated on me,
etc.), but at the same time part of me was thinking "What the hell are you doing??? What about
Jason???" (my current boyfriend who I love very much and live with). We were right outside my
parent's bedroom window and I guess my dad heard a noise so he clicked on a light and yelled my
name. I sort've hid TJ behind me and waved up and called "Hi Daddy!". I have never refered to my
father as daddy, by the way. There are parts missing here, but I remember my dad came down to the
backyard because he suspected something was up, and all of a sudden a very Jason Vorhees-type
character (Friday the 13th) came out of nowhere and sliced my dad in half. I remember being suprised
and a bit shocked, but not particularly SCARED.

The next thing I remember is being back in the house and random strange ghost-story-type things
happening, like things flying across the room, the attic door slamming by itself, etc. At this point
I was getting really scared and thinking that I had to get out, but the doors wouldn't open.

I don't know if there is more missing here, or if I switched over to another dream, but suddenly I
recall being at some sort of event, like a huge party or a dance or something. I was hanging out
with this group of girls who seemed really popular. In real life I have two girl friends: one who
lives away and I never get to see, and one who acts more like a boy then most of the boys I know. I
remember thinking how nice it was to have girls to hang out with for a change, since all my friends
are guys. The last thing I remember before waking up was that my new friends were putting on this
movie, which all the other people at the event seemed to think was really lame, so they were all
getting up and leaving, but my friends and I didn't care at all.

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