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  Dream Number: #72
Dream Type: What do I tell the Pastor?
Date Posted: 12/13/2005

Reverie from remembers this:

I need help with this one! If there is something I need to warn the pastor about, I would like to know.

Approximately a month, maybe a month and a half ago I had a dream and in the dream I kept telling my self, “I need to talk to Pastor Smith…I need to talk to Pastor Smith”…It was heavy on my mind & heart. Maybe not urgent, but definitely pressing. Then at some unexpected time and location (in the dream) I ran into Smith. I was amazed that he showed up and told him, “I kept telling myself I needed to talk to you and here you showed up out of nowhere!” I felt relieved.

Then I had this dream about a month to a month and half later…

Ran into Pastor Smith in a cafeteria, he asked what I wanted to eat. I told him I would have a couple of ribs but just a couple cause the sauce looked too sweet. I watched them put 4 ribs on the plate maybe 2 for him and 2 for me (not sure) then I went and sat down. I had one of his prayer list with a bunch of different prayers written on it (white notebook paper folded over, approx 2 pages, sort of worn like they had been handled quit a bit, maybe prayed over a lot). So when he got the food and came to sit down, I told him that I read all of his prayers and when I finished something powerful moved on my heart and told me that every last one of those prayers had or would come to pass. Then a tingling feeling surged through me that made me want to jump up out of my seat and shout. Smith's remark was something like “praise the Lord or praise God”. He then asked me to ride to a 3 o’clock service where he would be bringing the message (it was like Mertzon or some other outskirt town of San Angelo). When we got there the rest of the members where pulling up as well. two ladies where sitting on benches on the back of the trailer with the musical equipment. It was a nice sunny day so it didn’t seem “unusual” (maybe something like a hay-ride). As we were filing into the church, I noticed 2 sisters and their mother . They were all dressed in red. I thought it was great that someone had gotten them to come to service since they seem to be streetwise and more of the hustling type (not passing judgment, just an observation). When I went to sit, I slid into the pew and it felt like it was dipping in the middle cause I kept sliding down to one side, it was an awkward feeling. The home pastor was extremely handsome...I mean so beautiful, he was hard not to look at. He signaled for the home choir to get ready for their first selection. The choir director I guess was running late cause she didn’t have her robe on so she started undressing right there in the choir stand! She didn’t get totally naked, but she was down to something that looked like a swim suit. I was thinking this was inappropriate and began looking around to see if anyone agreed with my sentiment. The selection was great the choir was awesome. Then for the second selection an elderly lady on the first row in the congregation began to sing an old hymn, she had an old strong powerful voice and when she began singing, everyone jumped up. After she sang for a minute she got happy and at the time (while I was dreaming) it seemed like she was speaking very fast and incomprehensible (mumbling) but now looking back on it, she was probably speaking in tongues. Some older ladies that where sitting around her kept trying to make her hush up and sit down. They kept pulling her back to her seat and “shhhing” her. I was wondering why they didn’t leave her alone and let her praise the Lord. Then the home pastor got up to do the “introduction speech” (the sermon before the sermon) and he began using cusswords. He tried to make it seem like he was “swearing” to show how carelessly and easily the words were used and how people sounded using the words, and that it was not right to do, however that did not take away from the fact that he was still cussing. I felt uncomfortable and I felt like Pastor Smith was uncomfortable as well, even though the home pastor’s congregation was saying amen and right on and stuff. He then introduced his friend Pastor Smith from San Angelo. Pastor Smith got up to speak and he was looking down at the podium, maybe looking at notes, maybe praying, maybe contemplating, maybe dicouraged. I couldnt read his expression then the dream ended.
Mind you, I am not a member of this Pastors church, I have just attended several services.

Three things that stand out to me are the lady undressing, the elderly lady not able to praise and the pastor cussing...

Any ideas

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