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  Dream Number: #60
Dream Type: Stressful
Date Posted: 11/14/2005

Buzz Chimney from remembers this:

In this dream a friend of mine stole a car - a Lexus for whatever reason - and I was with him, so I of course was an accessory to the crime. The entire dream took place at night on a barren coastal highway. We were trying to figure out how to get rid of the car. Though I thought about lighting it on fire, I think we were thinking of putting a brick on the gas pedal and sending it off a cliff into the ocean, where it would disappear with all evidence of us having been in it. Daytime eventually came in the dream, and I felt like we were going to get caught, but I woke up before anything ever happened.

This follows a series of stressful transportation related dreams I've had recently. One was on a sailboat at night in a storm, where the boom on the mast almost knocked me into the sea. Another dream I was flying crazy stunts in a bi-lane.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Ryan Chimney

Boats, planes, cars... maybe this from a lack of traveling ? Could so be related to technology getting the best of you, beyond your control. Could just be stressful times in general as the holidays approach...

(Added: 11/17/2005)


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