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  Dream Number: #59
Dream Type: Lucid/Insane
Date Posted: 11/10/2005

Johnnygun749 from Scranton Pa remembers this:

Hello all, this is my first dream post here, so here it goes.
I usually have lucid dreams but I was almst really there. It was in some sort of jungle with a stream/small river. But everything around me was sooooo vibrant, I think that's the word I'm looking for. Everything stood out so much, the trees, water, animals, etc. I was on some sort of boating expidition/tour whlie trying to go up stream but the stream was to small to go boating but we did anyways. The water was so clear except for this one little pond type area where 2 alligators lay, it was a little murky. Towards the end of the trip there was some sort of tree house right next to a waterfall, you can touch the waterfall from the tree house. I was ahead of everyone while I was in the tree house but a HUGE snake slid by me and starteled me that made me drop my phone in the water. I waent to go get it then I woke up. What was weird mainly how everything was so clear and crisp but it was all comtuper animated and I knew I was dreaming. Any ideas? Thanks,

Responses from the Dreamers

From: The_Hairy_Lemon

Funny your dreams slightly similar to my one.

I was looking up the meaning of being chased by alligators and I think it means something along the lines of certain emotions im unwilling to face.

(Added: 12/12/2005)

From: astralman

It would be a good idea to start a dream journal to find out what vivid colorful dreams you are having. This dream sounds like a nice one.

(Added: 12/29/2005)


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