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  Dream Number: #55
Dream Type: odd.
Date Posted: 10/25/2005

byekitty from Edmonton remembers this:

I was a school but everything seems so much darker. And I walk into the school office and I sit down in a chair. There are all these strange gothic people standing around me and they hand me a antique hand mirror. I proceed to look into it, but I cannot see my reflection. And then one of the gothic males takes me on a train ride through the snow, it was like a toy train, with no roof, It was snowing, but I didn't feel cold. And we went by little towns all celebrating christmas.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Aariq

This dream means that you are a vampire.

(Added: 10/26/2005)

From: ElizVanZee

The dream suggests a situation which pertains to your school of thought or philosophy being used - a situation in which there is something to be learned perhaps. (the school) The darkness in the school indicates a situation in which you are lacking in light, i.e. lacking in knowledge and intelligence. There is little enlightenment in the way of thinking being used. You appear to be resting a ease (sit in a chair) with the
official position or point of view found in a philosophy or learning situation (the school office) - or perhaps with the business of learning, but note that you are not really using a learning point of view. {you are not in a classroom} The lack of any mention of a classroom could also suggest you have given no room for the idea of some "class" - behaviour that reflects human dignity.
People today who appear dressed in gothic style are usually dressed all in black with lots of black make-up thus standing out by their extreme attire. The gothic people in the dream represent aspects of yourself which have chosen to appear in this style of dress. Antiques are generally very valuable. Thus an antique mirror can represent the idea of a self image that has great value. Yet where the gothic aspect of yourself would have you see your self image as having value, (they hand me an antique mirror) the True Self cannot see her self- reflection in you. {your image does not appear in the mirror)
Your mind (represented by the gothic male) is "taking you for a ride" - telling you things that are not the truth - where it pertains to some training. (a train ride) This is training that cannot be taken seriously
(toy train) even though it seems open to the light of The Lord. (with no roof) The situation here is very negative (snow = cold) even though you may not feel it to be such. (but I didn't feel cold) The snow can also
imply the displeasure of God.
You appear to be passing up (went by) the opportunity of "going to town" - of enjoying greatly - celebrating Christmas. (little towns celerating Christmas) Christmas could simply refer to Christian related
activities or celebrations. {Your last sentence brought to my mind the Christmas Carol - "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem".}

(Added: 11/3/2005)


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