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  Dream Number: #529
Dream Type: Life after death
Date Posted: 9/8/2014

my_psychosis from Clear Lake remembers this:

I'm in a large room with lots of other people, it's very crowded. We are all dead. People are wandering around finding friends and relatives who died before them. Everybody seems cheerful. I ask a man who seems to work there "Does everybody who dies come here?" He says "Yes everybody comes here and stays awhile until they learn how things work here, then they move on to a new place." I am very happy to hear this and excited to learn and then move to my new place.

I see a small boy about six. I realize he is my son Andy's best friend Cody as a six year old. (I have known Cody since he was about 13 in real life) I am very happy to see him and I pick him up and hug him tight. I am so full of love for everybody I can hardly contain it. I turn to Martin and say "Look Martin It's Cody when he was only six years old. Isn't this place wonderful?

Now I am outside walking toward the house I was just in. The house and yard are very old. The paint on the house is faded and peeling, the shutters are falling of. The grass is brown and dead and there are tall brown dead weeds everywhere. I think how sad it looks on the outside. Nobody would know the how wonderful and full of love it is on the inside.

I go around back of the house where the train will pick me up to take me to my new wonderful place, because I have learned all I can from this one. The backyard looks just as sad as the front yard and for I minute I panic, thinking I must have missed the train, But then I hear a train whistle and look up. There is a building over the train tracks that is open on both ends. I see the train through the openings coming to pick me up and I'm so happy.

Now I am walking quickly down a near deserted street. There are only 3 people. They are sitting on the porch of a house. I say " you need to hurry, get out of here, there are bad ones coming" As I pass them one says "You mean these guys?" I turn and see my son Andy and Cody and several other of his friends strutting down the street in jeans, boots, but no shirts. They look tough and ready for anything. I smile and say very proudly "No, they are MY bodyguards"

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