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  Dream Number: #525
Dream Type: weird repetition in dream...
Date Posted: 3/7/2014

Bridget from Homewood remembers this:

This isn't a detailed description of a dream, but more of a thing I wonder about... Throughout my life I have always had dreams where I was being chased or hiding from wolves; Never any other animal. I always end up running into a house or something and trying to keep them out, but they get in. I never get eaten, I wake up before anything happens to me. But I just wondered if the wolves could mean anything significant? Or if I just subconsciously hate wolves, though I find that very odd since I think they are such beautiful animals.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: openhands

If it were my dream, the wolves might represent some sort of aspect of myself or my life that I think is terrible but would actually be embracing. When I think of wolves, I think of an animal that, though there are almost countless numbers of domestic counterparts, is still wild. And they have a bad reputation, thanks to movies and werewolf myth. But wolves aren't generally vicious, they are very affectionate with each other and don't tend to attack people. So if it were my dream, I'd wonder if it's the fear of the wolves that has me running, the reality is that the wolves are probably not trying to harm me. But it is so hard not to run when any kind of strange dog is chasing me! Instinct kicks in and I respond that way, even though if I paused and turned back and looked with less fearful eyes I might see something else entirely was going on.

(Added: 7/23/2014)


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