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  Dream Number: #52
Dream Type: painful
Date Posted: 10/25/2005

Aariq from Walnut Creek, CA remembers this:

I was at a doctors office to get a few shots. The doctor was cute-young, long wavy black hair, cute glasses--so I was flirting with her. She gave me one of the "easy" shots and I complemented her nearly painless tecnique. Then she said "I don't know about this next one, it might hurt a little more." I said, "Oh, is it one of those deep muscle ones?" She said it was and I cringed. I said "How do you know how to give each shot? Is there like an instruction manual or something?" She said there was and brought it out for me to see. It had cartoony pictures of people waiting in line for immunizations on the front. Each page was for a different shot and had diagrams on it. She turned to the page for the next shot I was to get and it had a diagram of macrophages taking up the viral particles and presenting them, it was confusing though because the macrophages in the diagram were multicellular. Then she said "the shot is mostly just NaCl, which somehow activates the macrophages." If it was just salt water, I couldn't figgure out why it would hurt so much.
She prepped me for the shot but before I she gave it I said "Wait. I wish I could have your hand to squeeze while you did this, but I guess you need it to give the shot." Then I jokingly said "maybe theres someone else waiting for a shot whose hand I can hold, then we can trade places." She said "sure, which one would you like," bringing out the cartoony picture on the shot instruction manual. I pointed at a cartoony girl who looked fairly cute and the doctor left the room for a long time. When she came back she brought with her halloween decorations with pictures of female-looking monstors on them, set them down in front of me, then immediately stabbed the syringe in my arm. She pushed it in, and it hurt like hell. BUT THEN she kept pushing till I got shoved right off the counter I was leaning on. Then she KEPT PUSHING till I was up agains the wall the whole time yelling "FUCK SHIT FUCK OW" Then she KEPT PUSHING till I was lifted off the ground, being held up only by the syringe. THen I woke up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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