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  Dream Number: #51
Dream Type: Lucid
Date Posted: 10/18/2005

Skye from London remembers this:

I was out shopping with my best friend when my ex came up to us. He was telling me he still had feelings for me etc etc. As we walked past a jewellery shop I said to him "Ok, if you really have feelings for me, go in there and buy me something!" So he went inside. My best mate rolled her eyes and had a go at me and then walked off. I waited outside for my ex and he came out with two silver bracelets and two rings for me (it was weird because one of the bracelets was exactly the same as one I bought for my sister a couple of months ago). I told him I was only joking and that I just said it to see if he would go in the shop. But then he kissed me and said he wanted to get them for me and that he missed me. It really did feel real! I asked him why he left in the first place and when he opened his mouth he couldn't find the words. Then we left each other and I went to the house where my best mate was. She said my boyfriend was coming round and that she wasn't going to lie to him about where I had been. I got really upset and tried to hide the things my ex bought me. Then we were in a living room with a load of goth friends of ours and when my boyfriend walked in I got really upset and had to leave. Then I woke up...
The strangest thing is, I split up with my ex about 5 years ago, and it's not like I think about him during the day... It's just he very often appears in my dreams. The break-up was very sudden and no real reason was given for why he didn't want to be with me anymore. I am very happy with my boyfriend, but I'd just like to know why I dream about my ex this much.

Responses from the Dreamers

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