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  Dream Number: #508
Dream Type: Best Friends
Date Posted: 11/10/2012

Jessica from remembers this:

Well I keep having these dreams about my best guy friend and it has been going on for about as long as I have known him so for about 4 years now. Anyways in my dreams he is always there for me and whenever it is a bad dream all of a sudden he is there comforting me and if it is a happy dream he is the one making me happy. In my more recent dreams we have kinda by the looks of it been in a relationship. The dream I just had was me doing my own thing and I was outside and something was happening just down the street and I was walking to see what it was but just as I was about to cross the street to get there I stopped and ran back home and when I walked through the front door there he was but this time was different instead of being a friendly usual greeting he got down on one knee and proposed to me and I said yes. I have never felt so happy and complete in my dreams or real life then I did at that moment. I love my best friend to death but I'm still not sure why I have these dreams of him

Responses from the Dreamers

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