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  Dream Number: #504
Dream Type: bizzaire
Date Posted: 7/14/2012

keenan from remembers this:

I was on a sailboat that was on a map and we were playing a game. We had to sail back to this point on the map to win. The girl I was with said that if we sailed the other direction the map would change and we could go to Africa and collect women and then when we go back to the checkpoint we would sell them and get more points. Then the scene changed and I came out of the map into the kitchen of my new house. My mom and step dad were moving in together and we were moving into a house that my mom and I used to live in. My mom and I fought about where my bed used to be placed. Then she took me through this doorway to show me my walk in closet. It was just a huge room and the floor was missing in part of it. There was a bookcase and yoga mats in one corner. She told me that they would build a wall and my closet would be a certain size. Then she and my step dad fought over where the wall went. I was in my room unpacking even though I didn’t have any stuff. Amanda came in and was like I made some dry grapes, they are in the kitchen. The grapes were normal just ‘dry’ because they were unwashed. I took a few grapes and then some csi people came in and told us that a boy who lives here is a murderer and they believe he is hiding in the house. Everyone was looking for him and I knew where he was hiding; only I couldn’t find the place where it is in the house. Then the scene changed and I was in the dinning hall with Claire. For breakfast they had an oatmeal bar. There was a big pot of oatmeal, soaked almonds, juice, apples, and raisins. I kept trying to get oatmeal but only getting almonds and dumping it back in. finally I got my oatmeal, put honey and milk and then realized it was all juice. Claire offered to go get me some more oatmeal. So she went back and grabbed a handful of oatmeal, which was really Swedish fish with frosting designs on them. She put the handful in my bowl and I mixed it up. Then I realized it was entirely oats and not soft, so I added milk. When the oats were still uncooked I threw them away.

Responses from the Dreamers

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