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  Dream Number: #500
Dream Type: freaky,scary
Date Posted: 6/30/2012

DarkDreamer1998 from shipping port remembers this:

it all started after waking up to go to the restroom, i came back and fell right to sleep, a loud knock on the wall woke me up, or so i thought... i tried getting up but wouldn't move, it was blurry and hard to see, i have this dream catcher over my head were i sleep and it seems to chime right when i start getting scared it will olny chime ounce, but in my dream i looked up and the dream catcher or Dc. it started shaking uncontrolably ounce i looked up at it the chimes on it were fwailing every back and forth and side to side. it scared me i got up went to my door then i blinked and was suddenly back in my bed... erlier when i menchend my eyesight being blurry it was like looking under water-blurry, even tho it was hard to see my sealing fan was broken on the floor, ounce again the DC. chimes ounce, i blink and of course again back in bed... this was when i got the feeling something did not want me to leave my room... i could not tell i was dreaming, i thought i was awake!!! well again i tried to leave i looked to my left(still in bed) and my shelves were up against my bed blocking my legs from getting off the bed, so i squeezed through the shelves, got to my door...again....broght back to bed, but this time there was no chime, while in bed ready to give up i look down and see the light bulb from my sealing on the floor, i hear dishes in the kitchen like someone was breaking them on the floor i screm to the top of my lungs my brothers name, the DC. chimes and all of a sudden, im awake... i know this is stupid but i slapped myself to make sure i was awake and oh yes i felt it... but that could happen in a dream, but anyways i got up fast ran to the door.............amd opened it... i was awake... remember i told you about the breaking dishes, well nothing my brother is asleep still and my parents are at a meeting in pittsburg, so pretty much i was alone in the house and still am... now im getting worried about my brother, he has been asleep for awile, i certainly hope the same thing isn't happening to him.... but im pretty sure he's fine... i hope...

Replies from the dreamer:

i'm guessing this is what you would call a lucid dream, when you're not sure if you're dreaming or not, am i right???
(Added: 6/30/2012)

Responses from the Dreamers

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