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  Dream Number: #471
Dream Type: Lucid
Date Posted: 5/8/2011

freakyme from remembers this:

I am running in what seems to be a cave of some sort. I am not sure what or who I am ruinning from. The cave is dark with only a hint of light and dirty. I come to a rocky wall with light glowing from under it. I want to get onto the other side and I'm not sure how, but I do get to the otherside. What ever I was running from is on the other side, but cannot get through. I turn around and realize I am now in a closet painted sky blue. The closet is long but it is very narrow. On the opposite side there is a door. I go to open it, but when I crack it I hear my mother talking to my ex-girlfriend. I close the door and hide deep in the closet but the walls are so close I start to freak out. I get up and try to get out but I cannot open the door and whatever scary thing I was running from is in the cave just outside the closet. I bang on the walls and the door on the opposite side, but nothing happens. Then I wake up...

Responses from the Dreamers

Return within 24-48 hours to read our Dream Theory. Your dreams are crazy but they matter to us. Give us time and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.


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