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  Dream Number: #470
Dream Type: Lucid, totally insane
Date Posted: 4/12/2011

Darken Fairy from remembers this:

My dream first starting out, with me walking out a building, and I walked out into the parking lot of Pamida in Chariton, Iowa. I seen Billy just standing perfectly still and I moved towards him, that's when I seen a small metal looking monster that was standing right in front of Billy. The monster was small, it only reached to people's ankles. I screamed out Billy's name and then yelled for Cassie and Dallas to come help me. When all of sudden, the monster turned into a small colorful box, it looked just like a normal box, like what you would get on christmas. Billy then run towards the school bus that was in the parking lot, my whole class, Billy, and me where on the bus heading towards Humeston. My whole class and I were trying to save the world from all of this monsters but we had to figure out who was the one that created them.
As we headed towards Humeston, I was talking to Maxx. When all of sudden, I started to freak out, I said. "What if my parents and sister got token over by the monsters." What the monsters would do, was take over a human body, and the human would act normal but they would have really short tempers, and if someone made the person who was taken over very mad, then the taken over person would kill the person who got them mad.
We finally got into Humeston, my whole class and I (Not sure what happened to Billy.) walked into a very large building that was filled with guns and knives. I was talking to Cassie, since she was my second in commend, and I think I was the leader of the group. When all of sudden, my whole class was gone, and I was alone in this dressing room with very old style dresses. I think the dresses were probably from the eighteen hundred. Then Kayle come up to me wearing one of the dresses. I was freaking out, saying. "Don't kill me! Don't kill me!" Since I thought she was taken over by one of the monsters. But she just asked me to help her take the dress off and I figured out that she was taken over.
Once I helped her take the dress off, the scene changed once more. I was in a large ball room. There was a woman in the middle facing me. The woman was maybe in her late twenties, early thirties. She had long blond hair, with a eighteen hundred dress on. I started to get flashes of people in a old town, all of them standing around a tall platform, and in the middle of the platform was a baby boy. Something was wrong with the baby boy, not sure what, but he just didn't look normal. All of the towns people were pointing and laughing at the infant. That's when I figured out that the infant was the ladies son and she was mad at the world because they had made fun of her boy. That's why she had made the monsters to have all of the humans killed and have been killed by each other.
For some reason, I started to talk to the blond lady about her son, and what happen. Which just made her mad at me. When finally, she just disappeared, and every single metal monster appeared around me. So some random guy and I started to cut the monsters up with knives, killing all of them.
At the beginning, my whole class, and I was suppose to save the world, but at the end, I was the only one who did.

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