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  Dream Number: #46
Dream Type: dull!
Date Posted: 10/13/2005

Shelly from Nancy, Kentucky remembers this:

This was sort of a culmination of things that were happening in my real life. It was pretty strange to see it play out.

I was late for a Psi Chi meeting, and I was running there. I arrived and sat at the end of a very long table. The first thing we started talking about was UFC 55 and I have no clue why we'd be doing that at a psychology meeting, but we were.

Someone was saying something about the racial politics involved in the Arlovski vs. Buentello fight, but that doesn't make any damn sense in real life. I spoke up and said something like, "Hey, just because Buentello sucks..." and then someone handed me a cat that seemed extraordinarily like a baby tiger. I kept petting its face and ears but I thought it was going to bite me at any second. They said it was a house cat.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: carlie

shelly, i cant believe i ran into this.. if you remember me (the name ladyhbk may be familiar), email me at junebug1739@yahoo.com

(Added: 1/13/2006)


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