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  Dream Number: #450
Dream Type: ? Multi-Dimensional, I guess?
Date Posted: 11/6/2010

chachi taco from San Jose remembers this:

I have been having dreams that always take place in a different dimension(world) that is like my familiar city but is in a state of apocalyptic type downfall. The sky is always grey and dark with futuristic ufo type planes constantly flying overhead. I have been gunned down many times when my dreams occur in this world or dimension. I refer to this place simply as the dark dimension. Most of the time while in these dreams I am always trying to get to a gig(show) that my band is playing at. The main portion of these dark dimension dreams is my journeys getting to the gig downtown, and often encountering people I have known at some time in my life. Most times the randomness of old friends and acquaintances is very odd and brings to mind lots of people i forgot til i see them in the dream.
Sometimes these dreams have an urgency or fearful feeling that is constant, and once in a while I get high or something in the dream and go with that feeling. If I wake up during one of these dreams I can usually go right back into it when I fall back asleep. It is a strange experience that I have gotten more and more use to. I have a couple other dimensions/worlds or whatever that certain re-occurring scenarios take place in. But the dark dimension world is by far the most frequent. I keep meaning to write down every detail the moment i wake up and maybe I would come up with a story line(or many story lines). But I usually lay there and revel in my memories of my dream when I do awake, or mostly have to fly out of bed, throw on pants, wash my face and hands, shoes on, and am late to work. Oh how I love the lives in and of my dreams, I love them so much more than this shared, common relative reality that makes me very, very tired.

Replies from the dreamer:

I like your take on your dream.

(Added: 12/15/2011)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ManAlive

I have a 'dark dimension' too, tho I dont call it that myself. Its like you describe; a stranger, sort of twisted and underground version of my city. Full of subways and stations.

I dont see mine as a dark version of my city or a even as a separate realm unto itself, I see it as a sort of character of my waking city and culture. A place where the buildings are so tall you may as well be underground where the means has completely outstripped the ends and everything has been reduced to logistics.

(Added: 12/11/2011)


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