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  Dream Number: #434
Dream Type: scary/weird
Date Posted: 6/14/2010

weird from remembers this:

emily and i are going to the movies to see Harry Potter 4. while we are there people are continuously jumping out of no where. sometimes i know them really well, and then there are people that i might have met once. at one stage emily realises that there is a chicken sitting next to her wearing a fluro green top hat. once the movie begins to get intense i feel a tickling feeling against my leg. i shake it off kicking something hard. a second later my leg is being pulled so i begin screaming. when i look down i see a clown with orange hair drawing a knife to my leg. he stabs me, it seems to be the worst pain ever. it hurts so much that i cant feel it anymore. i jump up and run as fast as i possibly could, with emily following and the chicken in her arms. as we get chased it seems like we are going in a circle as slow as a snail but were not. then suddenly a hole appears in the ground and we fall through it, landing on the beach, no clown in sight. at this point i wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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