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  Dream Number: #430
Dream Type: Weird
Date Posted: 6/3/2010

Vividdreamer from remembers this:

I found out through friends that a body of a middle aged man had been found amongst damp dirt in a forest that was very close to water. I knew I had a connection somehow to this man, then realised it was me that had murdered him 3 years ago. I felt so guilty that I had done such a horrid thing and that I had moved on with my life and totally forgotton about it. I remembered stabbing and strangling him on the beach front, that appeared more like a stoney walkway around the waters each. A popular place for people to go. This man however, was somehow evil, like a pedephile.
I was watching the news and saw that they had pulled a metal tin, much like a lunch box from the water close by to the body, I panicked as there was a picture of the man on the tin, with a blurry shot of a dark haired girl in the background wearing a white bib.
I was with the mayor when the tin was put through a special machine that was hooked to a computer, which allowed the fuzzy pic of the girl to turn crisp. I knew it was me and began feeling sick as the few people around me realised it was me too.
I said "oh my god...its me!" trying to sound suprised although i knew i had commited the murder. Word went around town that i had done it.
I was hooked up with a good lawyer, and we were having a sleep over and I asked him if i was going to go to jail. He responded by saying "of course not, you didnt do it. did u?" And i went to sleep worrying about what lie i would tell the jury, or if i should admit to it. Jail was for life though and i couldnt bare going. I was confused about what to do.
The next day I was in a town hall and my mother had been called to collect me. She couldnt look me in the eyes and told me to stay away from her. I was so sad and stressed out..

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