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  Dream Number: #419
Dream Type: random and lucid
Date Posted: 4/11/2010

RandomDreamer18 from remembers this:

so the night before last i had this dream where i was getting married, he proposed and i accepted and we wanted to get married right away so we started to plan. Only thing was when it came close to the wedding i discovered his parents pretty much hated me and where doing everything in their power to make him change his mind about the whole thing, he told me he didn't care if they approved or not and we could run away together and get married if thats what it was going to take. I don't recall if we ever actually got married or not but it was a strange dream none the less lol. Then last night i had another dream only this time i was walking because i was trying to get somewhere and i met a guy along the way and we started talking and by the time we got there it felt like we where really close and we where pretty much inseparable the entire dream until i was told it was time to go home, i remember being really sad about that and i started writing a letter to give to him before i left but as soon as i started writing he was suddenly right there behind me and he very gently started to kiss my cheek from behind me and i laid down and i was starting to turn over to invite him to lay down too and i was suddenly all tangled in the blankets. Thats when i woke up but i thought it was an odd dream lol

Responses from the Dreamers

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