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  Dream Number: #407
Dream Type: weird
Date Posted: 2/18/2010

lizzieborden from remembers this:

I am walking out of a hotel with my mom, and we are talking about how cold it is outside and how we are glad we're not in connecticut, then somehow she is on the phone with someone in new jersey, telling them how cold it is in florida and that they should be wearing heavy clothes, then I flip to my aunt handing me keys to a car, I get in and across from me is a race car driver. I feel like a race car driver myself, sitting low in the seat with the harness on, my GPS on the windshield...all set to go. The race car driver takes off and I try to follow him but am unsuccesful. While driving I see a girl I know driving in front of me, heading to the same school I go to. I can't catch up to her, and stop trying to. Then my car turns into a harley and I am riding on 42nd st next to my sister, who is on a scooter, and she says "I thought that was my boyfriends Harley" and I said "no it's mine" and then thought that I might get a ticket for driving without a motorcycle license...Then I am in another part of the dream, standing in my room listening to my aunt tell me about "del gable diablo" (it sounded like ) i recognized "the devil." She was telling me something was in my room, then I saw her with Eric, but he wasn't the same Eric, he was older and had a different face, he was explaining something to me and I kept nodding, the whole time looking at a pair of pants that had grass growing out of them, thinking "ha ha thats so funny...grass pants" Then I'm driving down the road and I say to myself "It feels good to be driving, not just in a dream" I stop on top of this huge concrete hotel in the ocean and pour a glass of red wine in a glass for a couple sitting on a rooftop. Then I woke up.

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