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  Dream Number: #405
Dream Type: Scary and Totally Insane
Date Posted: 2/15/2010

An Awaken Dream from remembers this:

My dream started out with me being in school (a reaccuring dream) I remember feeling very tired while at school, so decided to leave early. I couldn't remember my next class, and couldnt even remember how many days I had skipped. Anyway, even though Im a little worried about skipping this class, I do it anyway... because for one thing, I dont feel like going through the hassle of figuring out where the class is anyway. So while Im in the parking lot looking for my car a younger guy walks up to me and starts kissing me. I start kissing him back and the next thing I know is I am awake (I thought) in my bed kissing my husband instead. As we were kissing I was thinking about the dream I just had with the stranger, and thought.... "well, I must have reached over to kiss my husband in my sleep while dreaming of this other guy." Then I see someone at my bedroom door and my husband and I both jump up (remember, I think I am awake) So, I grab my cellphone to dial 911, but there are no numbers on my phone. I only have two backsides to my phone... there is no front to it. This is when I feel something is very strange, and wonder if I am still dreaming. This person (a strange woman) tells me that I need to work on my marriage. My husband (who is now angry, because he knows about my dream with the strange guy) takes a drill and starts drilling my finger. My finger is bleeding and he is drilling it into... it hurts. I try not to look down at it, but am begging him to stop and praying to God that I will never cheat again if he would just make him stop drilling my finger and let me wake up. I tried to wake up, but couldnt. There are two more (mean) guys in my bedroom who are just sitting there, and they also want to torture me (but it never happens). I just remember them wanting to hurt me as well. I say, "this is my dream why cant it go the way I want it to go" I remember wanting a cigarette, and finally get one from one of the other guys there. Then I remember feeling my teeth were loose in my mouth, and I was walking around with all these other people around me. I walked into a small bathroom (still praying to myself, and wanting to wake up... because I knew this was all a dream and it felt so real) I walk near a mirror, and I knew that it would not be good for me to look at myself in the mirror while dreaming. I knew it would scare me, because of my imagination. But I look anyway.. and I am scared to death. I see myself.. and I look really scary. My skin is torn and my hair is wild, and I was crying. I finally wake up. But I am laying there on my bed beside my husband just as before. So.. I'm afraid that I'm not really awake and the same thing is going to reoccur. Thank God though, I was really awake that time!
I've never had a dream like that before, and would love to know what it was from. I have had dreams where I woke up and thought it felt so vivid and real, but this was different. I was actually dreaming while thinking I was awake. If anyone has ever had this type of dream I would love to hear about it, and your interpretation of it. Thanks ~

Responses from the Dreamers

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