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  Dream Number: #399
Dream Type: Unsettling
Date Posted: 12/28/2009

airiii from Spring remembers this:

This dream all took place in my house and front yard. I was looking out my window while talking on the phone to my boyfriend. Outside the sun was about to disappear behind the trees and finally night would come.

In the sky there was a series of bright lights that resembled a supernova of sorts. I was astonished by the rare display and told my boyfriend about what was happening in the sky. He said "I know." and didn't seem to take interest in what I was saying. The scene in the sky was rapidly changing, almost as though I was watching a time lapse. The sky was rotating quickly showing signs of the Earth's rotation in fast-forward. The supernova was starting to take on various colors- green, purple, and red.

I spotted another object in the sky. One that looked like a small black hole. Literally, a hole in the sky. I hung up the phone and went to tell my mother (who was in her night gown) about the spectacle outside. Not seeming to believe me, she went outside with me to see exactly what I meant. In the street by our house we stood and looked up at the sky. The black hole had drastically increased in size and the supernova had disappeared.

That's when I woke up. It was kind of nice seeing all those celestial bodies in the sky like that in my dream but the dream itself had a very dark mood to it.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: angel

I've had two dreams before that are about the end of the world. One was a long time ago and nothing interesting was happening when suddenly I saw a huge meteor directly above us and within 5 seconds it had already hit earth and destroyed it. The other one was a lot weirder all I remember is that there were many beams of light flashing down from the sky and tornadoes and thunder could be seen everywhere. Anyways to dream of the end of the world I think just means that you are under a lot of stress and you feel like your world is falling apart

(Added: 12/28/2009)


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