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  Dream Number: #396
Dream Type: What the hell?
Date Posted: 12/16/2009

Kristin from remembers this:

Started off in a grocery store that looked more like a warehouse. There were at least 10 other people, some of them I think from high school. We were getting supplies to go on a trip together. I ended up carrying a cloth bag full of produce? and a sketch notebook that was overflowing. I had to make sure that I had my sunglasses. The next sequence was arrival to this island. The sand was so white and smooth, the beach dotted with dried seaweed, and there were rocky outcrops-moderately high-to the right. There was a clear path through the sand where we were supposed to walk; straight toward the bright blue sea and then a right angle turn that led to the house. For some reason I cut diagonal, climbed part of a rocky outcrop, my hands touched the flat top and I kissed the cold stone. I carefully made my way down and entered the house. I wanted some alone time before I joined the others so I turned on a mix tape and danced around in my bedroom in front of a mirrored wall. Then I took a break, lay on the bed wanting to give myself an orgasm when I see a giant spider crawling on the ceiling. I just don't want it to fall on me but it starts to jump, from the ceiling to a piece of furniture. But as it does this it turns into a parrot balloon. It starts to head towards me and starts to turn back into a spider and I brush it away from me with the sketch book. I get up to leave the room

Responses from the Dreamers

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