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  Dream Number: #395
Dream Type: a dream
Date Posted: 12/13/2009

whatsername from remembers this:

title: security checkpoints and no seats.

dream: this dream involves myself, my grandmother and my two sisters.

we are all at the airport security checkpoint. it is suppose to be just me, my grandma and one sister i will call allie. my other sister, who i will call rachel, is not able to go because she doesn't have a ticket. i felt anxious because she wasn't able to coming along but she managed to get through. at this point we are all going through security and they stop my grandma. the guards asked my grandma to take off all her jewelry. so i helped her take off her rings while she took off her pin. i was afraid they would keep her pin because of the needle on the back. but the guards gave it back to her because it was her jewelry and also her age. i was relieved that they gave back her jewelry. so we were able to get through and now we are on the plane. my grandma is able to find a seat in first class but me and my sisters were unable to find any seats.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: angel

It sounds to me like you have a high amount of respect for your grandmother because she is an elder perhaps? If there are no negative feelings in you when you can't find a seat then I think it means you are humble when it comes to giving comfort and respect for her. It also may mean you don't feel worthy of sitting with her because of a high amount of respect or maybe you feel you can't accomplish as much as she has in life. I'm not sure though

(Added: 12/28/2009)


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