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  Dream Number: #387
Dream Type: Totally Insane
Date Posted: 11/11/2009

Kristin from remembers this:

I was in a forest at night with another person, a man, maybe my husband. I was frightened. I thick cloud of smoke rolled in around us. I knew it was a fire-serpent, a dark, red, almost dragon-like creature. He was after me because I had sex. Something echoed inside my head, saying "God thinks that sex isn't love...sex is nihilistic." Because when you have sex this fire-serpent comes to kill you; you exist no more. The only way to survive is to kill the serpent itself, to send it back to the earth, back to the fire from whence it came.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Jack

And what about escaping this God person? He sounds like the true antagonist in this story. Why do you all submit yourselves to such a demanding, invisible creature??? Keep your soul, tell him to get his own!

(Added: 2/8/2011)

From: dradcliffe09

I'm no psychiatrist, but one way I see this is your fear of getting caught with another man. You wouldn't even actually had to have cheated on him, and I have no way of knowing if you did, but this post suggests you're thinking about it. You're afraid because deep down, you believe cheating is morally wrong, whether by your religion or your upbringing.

Another way I would look at this has nothing to do with sex or marriage. Maybe you have some inner demon that is holding you back from fulfilling some part of your life. I would think of what's missing in your life: it could be work, school, friendships, or family related. Pursue that missing part and fulfill that wish. The dragon is only a fear you need to overcome.

(Added: 2/13/2011)


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