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  Dream Number: #383
Dream Type: semi-lucid/ very vivid
Date Posted: 10/10/2009

pilferer from berkeley/oakland/walnut creek/arcata remembers this:

So, I had a very simple dream, but it was very odd. The first part was that I got in a physical fight and it escalated and I killed the guy. That part wasn't very clear. Most of the dream focused on the aftermath. I didn't really do anything to try to hide what happened. But I remember being very worried about it, then seeing they'd identified me on the news as the killer. I remember very clearly thinking that it wasn't murder, maybe voluntary manslaughter or maybe self defense. I thought about how bad prison will be. I remember very clearly thinking "maybe this is a dream" followed by "I wish this was a dream." And this was an account of about 3 days. So one morning within the dream I woke up and thought "Damn, I was really hoping that was a dream." At some point I started catching on that maybe it was a dream. I decided to test it by slapping myself in the face. It didn't wake me up immediately. But I thought, "hmm, this doesn't quite feel as hard as usual," so I kept slapping myself in the face 3 or 4 more times until I decided it was a dream, then I woke up. This has to be one of the 2 most vivid dreams I've ever had.

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