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  Dream Number: #379
Dream Type: Wedding
Date Posted: 9/24/2009

lester brosis from Hemet remembers this:

Had a dream I was at a wedding. I think it was my brother's wedding, but it also took place at my future house. I had an office and someone was looking through some screenplays I had written.

There was also a live band there. I was playing tenor saxophone and the band played the last act of Frank Zappa's "Ahead of their Time" I have that thing memorized so well, but I don't play the sax.

I would love to play the sax. Anyway, we played the song before the wedding started, but the video wasn't working properly and it didn't get recorded. Oh well. Then some guy came out with a giant black box for an instrument and played the hell out of that thing.

The music sounded so weird. Then it sounded like my cell phone alarm clock. Then I woke up.

God Damn. I think I want to make a giant black box instrument thing. It sounded so crazy.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ravenswain

If this were my dream ... I would notice that in it I am in a place that is "my future house" which would be a place I am not in yet but that I know I will achieve. That i am playing an instrument which in waking life I do not play and that I am playing a tune called :Ahead of Their Time" both re-enforce the idea that the dream is predictive.

A "black box", on the other hand, is a device which records flight data, which is to say a means of tracking the past. That some guy arrives with a black box,plays "the hell out of that thing", and makes weird music that sounds like an alarm clock (wake up call) indicates there is something very potent and powerful in my past which I need to be aware of and access because it can greatly enhance my future creativity.

(Added: 10/6/2009)


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