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  Dream Number: #371
Dream Type: Disgusting
Date Posted: 8/18/2009

bradlby from Burtonsville, MD remembers this:

There was seemingly unrelated lead up to the end of this dream that I cannot recall, but it seemed to involve some ex-coworkers. I was in some kind of house that didn't have a front wall. I was noticing I had a circular wound on my left heel. I was checking online for symptoms of a hookworm on a random computer terminal on a table outside when I looked down at my ankle and noticed there was something moving under my skin. I pushed on the outside of my leg until I would move it back out of the hole in my foot. When part of the parasite was outside I grabbed it, threw it across the room and smashed it with the leg of a chair. The wound on my heel immediately started to look better.

The next morning I was taking a shower when I thought to check my ankle to see if there was anything else left over from the parasite. I noticed some lumps that were abnormal, so I tried the same technique to force them out. Unfortunately these seemed to not be quite as solid, so as I pushed on the skin around them the lumps just dissipated. I opened the shower curtain and immediately across the room in this bathroom was the sink and mirror. When I looked in the mirror I saw something was spreading through my body turning everything jet black, which ended in the whites of my eyes turing completely black. I ran over to the sink and started to vomit out eggs that were about ostrich sized. They broke and drained down the sink, so I don't know what was in them. Once this had ended the color slowly drained from my body and I woke up.

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