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  Dream Number: #370
Dream Type: i keep killing my boyfriend:(
Date Posted: 8/11/2009

sarah from toronto remembers this:

well, i've been having constant dreams about killing my boyfriend. the first dream was of us in his house and for some reason i punched him and tried to run away. but usually in dreams when you run, its like you're really really slow as you're trying to drag your feet but you're just slowing down. so that way, he was able to catch me and somehow we ended up in a really dark forest. i couldnt see his face but i knew he was there, and apparently i had a gun in my hand and it was pointing right at him... his face came out of nowhere again and i shot him! anyy comments!?

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Atticus

Is there any strain between you and your boyfriend at the moment? The only times I've ever had dreams about running away from someone or trying to defeat them (or both) is when I've felt intimidated by or have had a lot of conflict with them.

(Added: 8/16/2009)


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