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  Dream Number: #36
Dream Type: disjointed , not plausible
Date Posted: 10/6/2005

ovidius from Dorris, California remembers this:

It was a guided expedition-hike . From a gravel road along a stream, up through pine and fir and cedar and madrone forests and further on to a pristine alpine lake which was the final destination. Beautiful. The guides spoke English , but it felt like another country, like Germany or Utah, and they made damn sure each of us understood the potential for death.
Suddenly , I'm in a hotel room or chalet and a woman that I presume was part of the expedition, is walking out of the bathroom in mid conversation . Talking about how she wants to be with her husband and family. I try my best at consolation. She starts to cry and leave the room , but stops and walks back and we begin to make out.
We go to third base and what not. Very awkward. She realizes she is not with her groom and squeals bloody murder. Squeals! I had to get out of there I'm telling you, and out the door of the hotel/ chalet / room I find myself in a disheveled street scene, it feels like Nevada or maybe eastern Oregon. She follows me out the door squealing. The bones on her neck and shoulders look hideous with each friggin shriek and what not. Nobody seems to be listening. I'm about to chalk this town up as a ghost town, but I hear gunplay from a distance from down the street. From around the corner a mid-age Paul Newman is walking purposfully from the gunfight. . He's as angry as a sore pawed bear and he hears the damn woman squealing and turns on me with a pistol. I suddenly have a pistol as well and hesitatingly fire the gun. It misses, he fires and it feels like the wind is knocked out of me but I'm not hit, I don't think. I return fire and strike him down , once in the waist once in the chest. He's incapacitated. I think I killed him. I see blood on my shoulder from somewhere. I don't know if I'm losing blood .I make and attempt to find help. The dream ends. That's all I remember.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Ryan Chimney

Seems like the theme of travel is heavy in this one. The difference between Germany and Utah is huge. Have you been out to explore the world lad ? I really dont think you will have nearly the excitement as you had in this dream, but that might be a good thing!

(Added: 10/7/2005)


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