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  Dream Number: #357
Dream Type: Retail
Date Posted: 5/27/2009

bradlby from Burtonsville, MD remembers this:

I don't remember the lead up to this part of the dream, but I was watching a video, and at the end there was a promo for a store that you needed to give a name and password at to enter. My prize for watching the first video was to get this name an password. Since I had achieved a slight level of lucidity I tried to actually read what it said on the screen several times, but the letters kept shifting and changing so it was impossible. Luckily the narration read the words to me.

I went to the store, which had a stereotypical door with an eye slot for the doorman to check if you knew the password. I went inside, and the store was set up more like a house than a store. There were several small rooms with racks, but everything was dimly lit and the house had dingy green peeling wallpaper, which created a slightly creepy environment. I continued down the hall and went up some stairs. Up the stairs the layout was very similar to a library I went to when I was much younger, and the decor was updated and more appropriate for a retail outlet.

Once I started looking around I realized that despite the gigantic inventory (clothes, movies, CDs, books, etc) everything was geared toward European black metal fans. Fat long haired men strolled the aisles with black t-shirts of bands I couldn't pronounce stroking their neckbeards. I remember thinking this was hilarious, and basically laughed at the situation until I woke up.

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